As a healthcare professional, I have seen firsthand the difficulties that so many people face with access and affordability of care. In recent years I have worked with underserved populations in my physical therapy practice. My experiences have informed my belief that access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right, and I will fight for that right for all South Carolinians.


I believe we should all do our part to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and fight climate change, for the sake of our children and future generations. I will support investment in renewable energy and green initiatives that create jobs, expand our economy, and secure our future.


Public education in South Carolina has been chronically underfunded. As many parents have seen firsthand recently due to COVID-19, teaching is a very important and difficult job. I will fight for our schools, teachers, and children by supporting equitable funding for public schools and increased pay for teachers and support staff. I am committed to listening to the input of educators to enhance public education and the future of our state.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our country is experiencing a sea change of increasing awareness of the disparities that minorities face with regard to policing and sentencing. I will support implicit bias training for police as well as fair and equitable sentencing measures – because black lives matter.

Women’s Rights

Across the nation, state legislatures are eroding the rights assured by Roe V. Wade, including in South Carolina. I firmly believe in every woman’s right to bodily autonomy. I will support legislation that ensures the protection of women’s rights, with regard to healthcare access as well as equal pay in the workplace.

Workers’ Rights

The federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour has not changed in over a decade, despite a steadily increasing cost of living. South Carolina currently does not have any minimum wage laws beyond this. As a result, many working families are struggling to make ends meet. I will fight for increasing the minimum wage in South Carolina to a living wage.